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Alhamdulillah The first G.E.M.S Challenge for 2023 - Water Confidence @ Hydrodash (Singapore's first Aqua Playground)

For the last 5 years, we have created opportunities and avenues for women to empower themselves through sports, outdoor activities, and experiential learning. This year, we expanded our outreach and effort, to play our part to uplift the community. We would like to share the benefits with those underserved in the marginalised community. We created opportunities for the community to partake in the efforts of rehabilitation and reintegration and create awareness of the importance of social support.

For the Community, by the Community

80 Women came together today...

We were all different. We led different lives, received different upbringing, and see things from different perspectives. But today, we shared the same experience, ate the same food, and enjoyed the day together.From different walks of life, ranging between 14 to 72 years old, different in so many ways. Yet today, they were all walking (stumbling, struggling, running, crawling) on the same platform. Despite the differences, they worked together to keep each other in balance, helping one another, reaching out a hand whenever someone fell into the water. They were cheering and motivating, regardless of who was standing before them.

Life is just like that platform on water. Sometimes, it's calm and stable. Sometimes, the waves roll in, causing much chaos and imbalance. Sometimes, the rain pours in, making the grounds slippery and difficult to tread. Sometimes, visibility decreases as heavier rain falls. Like life, the platform presents various obstacles. We can overcome alone at times, but knowing someone is watching your back, guiding, supporting, and motivating your every step definitely helps to make it easier. Sometimes, we fall and fail to overcome those obstacles... IT'S OK! We all face failures at some point in life. It is part and parcel of life itself. Just swim back and get up again. Try again or manouver obstacles in other ways. Just like life... Be there for others, they will be there for u too.

Ma syaa Allah... I witnessed great strength on the platform. Despite their own difficulties, many stopped to help, sacrifice their limited time to guide. They fell together and laughed, and then struggled back up, TOGETHER. Thank you ladies for the cooperation, support and camaraderie forged on the platform.

40 women chose to sponsor another woman to share the same benefits. We invited 40 women and girls from various shelters and halfway houses to spend a special day with us.

As a community, we must learn to stand together, regardless. Join us in our effort to empower other women #2ndchances #strongertogether

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