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This is the smallest size of all the Tunes range sports hijab. 
The EZ Tunes Sports Hijab is shoulder-trimmed, Mumtaz Tunes is longer, while the Mumtaz Tunes Extended is the longest and offers the widest chest covering- made of thicker mesh fabric. The EZ Tunes and Mumtaz Tunes Sports Hijab are made of lighter mesh fabric. Choose the right type that suits your dressing and fabric preferences.


  • Earphone-friendly, earphone inlet sports hijab
  • Shoulder-trimmed, long chest covering
  • Suitable for short, petites and small faces.
  • Suitable for dry use only ; running and cycling.
  • Nashata silver logo on the back. 
  • Made of paper lightweight & breathable fabric
  • Mesh polyester microfiber & spandex
  • Weight : 60 g / 0.13 lbs
  • Hand wash recommended. Steam ironing or low heat ironing recommended.
  • Category: Athleisure / Non-performance.
  • Free size.

EZ Tunes Blue

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